Well, hello, Smith. (´-`)ノ How do you like this weather? =* ̑ - ̑ *= The sun's bright here, isn't it? I think towns in the south are just fab. (*'-'*) Because Susie just adores sweet desserts! What? My name? Yeah, that's right, it's Susie! You gotta problem with it? Just what about my name? So what I hate it too! The name Susie just bites... "Susie the doozie" "The queen of prudies, Susie" "Susie packs an uzi" I despise men! They're all creeps, as far as I'm concerned! (¯△¯#) So I rounded up those sons of ███, And took 'em and ████ and then I █████. Yeah, you bet they were screaming for mercy when I cut off their ████! With the shape they're all in now, they can't even go out in public!
literally me

About me

Hello hello, I'm Dawa. I am a short-tempered guy that lives in portugal, people say I speak fluent english and I'm also learning russian.

It's hard to be motivated to just get out of bed every night but I still try to learn more.

I like all kinds of mediums but I primarily listen to ambient drone while staring at a white wall. Other hobbies include taking long walks to places I haven't been to and killing bugs.

picture I took yesterday

I've rented this website with everything I had and live in the streets because of it, so it better be worth it. Because I refuse to move on from Internet Explorer 4 and as a minor challenge I write everything by hand and make sure every page is supported in my browser in my laptop screen of 800x600, also optimizing my media because public wifi is slow. I live in a place where people dont have faces, my eyes can only see #000000, #8b0000 and #ffffff.

Contact me if you wanna talk, ask something or insult me: